3D design

Design – with this word we describe a wide pallete of stages, of which the final product consist. Coordination of the whole project is very important and depending of assumptions and budget it may include:

3D modeling is a process of creation and recreation of three-dimentional objects using CAD (computer aided design) softwear. Relying on technical drawings, a modeler creates 3D models, which are ready to be 3D printed or to prepare injection mould for serial production.

3D models may be created automaticly or manually. Manual creation of geometrical models is similar to sculpting. 3D models represents 3D objects using series of points, which are located in three-dimentional space. These points are bounded into triangular structures. Objects prepared to be 3D printed must have form of realistic solids, not visualisations. During model creation, graphic designer or engineer must pay attantion to such aspects as: Do not walls cross each other? Does a model walls have any thickness (not a “0” thickness walls)? Can an object exist in reality? Do model walls connect to each other and make a solid?

Our company offer professional 3D modeling – creation of solid models from technical drawings, also from concept drawings and sketches. We ensure a complex service of 3D design for companies and private persons.


Everything starts from concidered and innovative idea


The possibility of evaluation product’s all the most important virtues on very stage of project is the greatest advantage of 3D printing technlogy.


The ideal ideas deserve beeing presented perfectly


The standarisation of solutions and creation of the most precisious technical documentation bounded with the technologists’ knowledge and experience guarantee the highest workmanship.

The above phases connect together some different areas of technic, therefore we co-work with experienced specialists of their branches. Multiple awarded graduates of industrial formes and design faculties, engineers, specialists of ergonomy, technologists will care for that product will meet all requirements.

The design will be presented with use of the most up-to-date solutions for photorealistic products’ visualisation.

Our specialists‘ knowledge, with use of professional softwear, will care for answering all technical standards.

On every stage we present to our clients the effects of our work and consult them, so that the initial idea converts into the final product of the highest quality

3D Modeling

  • 3D Modeling

    Based on a brief, description, visualisation, technical and conceptional drawings.

  • Preparing a model for printing

    Adaptation of received 3D model to the printer’s technical requirements.

  • Correction of received models

    Work over merits-related mistakes such as: non-connected walls, penetration of elements, mesh errors

  • Valuation

    The valuation is prepared individualy and bases on the time needed to realisation.

Computer softwear that we use:


ZBrush is a program, which allow us 3D modeling, sculpting and painting. Its simplicity and intuition make the process easy and comfortable. Method that generates billions of polygones gives designers unachievable till now possibilities. The whole range of functions allows obtain an optimal result thanks to connection of three basic stages: modeling, texturing and rendering.


An advanced 3D sofweear for scanning, processing and assemble only for Artec scanners.

The softwear is compatible with Artec 3D scaners: Artec Eva, Eva Lite, Spider, Space Spider, L, S, M, MH, MHT.

Bentley Microstation

MicroStation is a world leading program that aids 2D and 3D designing and modeling of information, intended in paricular to use in architecture, engineering, during a build and an exploatation; for an infrastructure, roads and railways, bridges, buildings, telecomunication, sewerage, industrial plants, mining and other systems.

Geomagic Design X

Geomagic Design X (formerly Rapidform XOR) is the only softwear for reverse engineering, which combines history based on scanning, with 3D data postprocessing. It allows us create 3D models that are editible in other CAD sofwears, with a project tree preservation.


ZW3D is an integrated CAD/CAM softwear that accompanies us during the work since the idea untill the production imlementation. ZWSOFT softwear posses very clear and intuitive interface, which in large part influences on the design process acceleration. Thanks to its great functionalism ZW3D was applyed among the others in the whole mechanical, automotive and medical industries, in 3D printers, injection moulds designing, CNC machining etc.