We have a rich experience in work with models. During creating prototypes, we use a lot of techniques, which allow us to reflect the final product very precisely.

Rapid Prototyping

Funktional 3D prototypes even in 24 hours – from design to creation
With 3D printing technology the rapid prototyping gain completely new meaning

Rapid prototyping is the common name for the collection of many different technologies and processes that are used to creating models directly from 3D CAD files, by using some additive manufacturing technologies. Rapid prototyping allows us to considerable reduce costs (ca. 80%) and time (ca. 90%) of product introduction – from idea to manufacturing.


The rapid prototyping is usually used at the very beginning of production cycle, mainly in order to make a prototype of future product. So, manufactures prototype is perfectly fit for every type of tests – both in the context of design and functionalism. Everything takes place before start of serial production.

Recommended technologies

Visijet PXL
Plastik PLA
Plastik ABS
Żywica VisiJet M3 Proplast
Poliamid PA2200


  • 1. manufacturing of details’ prototypes
  • 2. preparation of prototypes
  • 3. conversion from drawings to solid documentation
  • 4. modelling of 3D details
  • 5. industrial and creative design
  • 6. visualisation of mechanical and architectural details
  • 7. anlysis of machines parts kinematics, photorealistic renderings
  • 8. 3D printing and scanning
  • 9. FEM static analyses
  • 10. service for high schools, universities and scientists



Following your needs, we would like to offer you perfect solutions both for short prototype series and series production. According to requirements we offer a manufacturing of prototyping or serial injection mould

Advantages and application of 3D printing

Short-series production in 3d printing technology allows us to omit the creation of expensive injection moulds. The product in amount of a few dozen up to a few hundred pieces is ready in a few days. The technology allows us to produce ready-made details made of materials such as: ABS, PLA or PA, and also nylon. The short series with use of 3d printing are excellence solution for companies that want to fast react to market changes, continuously improve their products and have a fully control of the production growth, remaining the full viability and flexibility.

After creating a prototype and checking its correctness usually cames the time to starting short prototypes series or target production. According to the project, demands for models fluctuate between a dozen and a few hundreds of details (a short prototype series) or between a few hundreds and millions of pieces (a serial production)..


In order to reduce the costs and minimalize time of realisation for short prototype series we prepared some of covers for injection moulds

Such solution allows you to quickly produce low quantities of details as well as start a tiny production that cost unexpectedly few. The realisation time depending from detail’s complexity and quantity hesitates between 2 and 6 weeks. Additionally, the vivacity of mould inserts that are made of steel or aluminium considerably exceed the vivacity of moulds that are made of silicone or composites used in Vacuum Casting technologies. One set allows to produce even a few thousand details and they are not made of epoxy or polyurethane equivalents, but of final thermoplastic with final (not only almost the same) properties.

Recommended technologies

Visijet PXL
PLA plastic
ABS plastic
VisiJet M3 Proplast resin
Poliamid PA2200


Parts In Minutes – Vacuum Grade – vacuum casting

Due to produce short and middle series of prototypes we offer a series of polyurethanes RenPIM V-G (Vacuum Grade). Those resins for prototypes are composed and optimized for easy processing with use of vacuum casting machines. The technology allows us to obtain a few dozens of perfectly quality products with properties almost equally to standard thermoplastic (PP, ABS, HDPE) from one mould.

Parts I Minutes – low-pressure injection

If the higher quantity of “thermoplastic” copies is needed, they may be cast with use of polyurethane systems Ren Parts In Minutes – for low-pressure injection. This is a range of products composed for processing with use of (low-pressure) mixing & dosing devices. In comparison of production time between traditional polyurethane systems and the RenPIM, the RenPIM materials allow to produce details up to 40 times faster (up to 40 per day). It means that we can have just in 15 minutes physically prototypes and details, which simulate with shape and properties the injection thermoplastics.



We use at work the most modern technologies, but also traditional methods of manufacturing architectural mock-ups. We connect rapid prototyping (3D printing), laser cutting and a rich experience of our modellers due to provide the product of high quality.
Our qualified team helps you to create conceptional model as well as very detailed presentation of the object..

Recommended technologies

Visijet PXL
PLA plastic
ABS plastic
VisiJet M3 Proplast resin
Poliamid PA2200


Buildings mock-ups
Architectural mock-ups
Industrial mock-ups
Monochromatic mock-ups
Town planning mock-ups
Space development mock-ups


Advantages of 3D printing in mock-up creation